About me

I enjoy long walks along the beach and writing poetry…no I’m just kidding!

Hello lovelies, I'm Paige, a twenty-one-year-old lifestyle blogger, currently living in Liverpool with my fiancée, Peaches, in our little studio city apartment. At the moment I am studying a degree in Philosophy at University, which I am finding extremely interesting.

I am completely fashion and beauty obsessed, which is why I started Modebeautex. Through this blog I hope to interact with other queens who love all things girly, as well as offer you all of my own tips/advice. I like to think of myself as an open-minded and approachable individual, so if you would like a blog post on literally any topic then let me know via email and I would love to accommodate. Think of me as a big sister, no not the type that puts salt in your cups of tea or uses your brand new t-shirts, but one who is full of wisdom on all things girl related. I also upload YouTube videos to document the mishaps of my early adult life for the world to laugh at, so if you fancy a laugh at my expense then feel free to check my channel out. I was born and raised in Manchester, making me opinionated by nature so if you want to keep up with my daily rants then feel free to follow me on all social networking sites as well. Anyway, thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoy my blog!

Peace, Love & Unity,

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